CAN the Commonwealth Bank’s new advertising campaign achieve its desired results?

Just recently, The Commonwealth Bank have unveiled their latest scheme to attain a strong image for their company. The “Can” campaign was an intriguing idea created by the Commonwealth Bank where the entire strategy is based around the word ‘Can’.

But does this word actually create any sort of image for the brand at all? That is definitely questionable. Billboards and social media video’s have been created all strongly emphasizing the one word. Andy Lark the chief marketing officer claimed “This is not about slogans, it’s more about vision and ethos and attitudes.” But what is the specific attitude behind this? and how is it tied to the company?

Social media has been used to provide more information and detail besides the very simplistic billboards. The information provided through Facebook and Twitter about what the word has to do with the bank is very minimal and doesn’t seem to tie in with the brand very well at all. Sure, the image created through the campaign is a positive one and won’t be looked upon negatively by consumers, but the influence this will have on them is confusing.

This is a prime example of having the tools and the ability to use them, but if they’re not used effectively, their impact is minimal. The Commonwealth Bank are communicating a message, and all the different media platforms communicate this message effectively together, but the message’s relation to the bank itself is confusing and in turn could have a rather redundant end result for the brand image.

We used Radian6 social media monitoring to take a closer look at the Commonwealth Bank’s “CAN” campaign in comparison NAB’s “Honesty Experiment” campaign. This revealed that the campaign even though it has gained the attention of many people, has stimulated minimal discussion over social media.

Maybe The Commonwealth Bank have more to release on this campaign still, if that’s the case, at least they will have an opportunity to tie it more effectively to the brand for consumers. Do you think that’s all Commonwealth Bank had up their sleeve? or is there more to come?

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