Relationships Built on Twitter

In the first of our guest posts by Friends of FRANk, Sam Charlton, who runs social media networking company Freedom Tiger, tells us about how Twitter not only benefits her business, but her personal life as well.

Samantha Charlton

What is my favourite Social Media platform?

People often ask me what can appear to be a simple question on the surface, but is oh so complicated when factoring everything in: “What is my favourite Social Media platform?”

The fact that I have used a #hashtag on Facebook and I commonly use #hashtags in text messages, I think, is all the evidence needed. At the same time I guess I am at liberty to say that because my current relationship with my boyfriend began on Twitter, I could be swayed to say its my favourite…

This could be the start of beautiful friendship…

Let’s take it back… Shortly after @ronny_eh joined Twitter, my friend Jacqui said please follow my friend because he normally avoids social media, he hates big crowds and too many people and he likes being a leader, not a follower (which is ironic in itself because obviously he follows people on social media). However, without a second thought I said “alright, not a problem”.

Over the next few months, Twitter would be the platform for harmless flirting. If you didn’t know us both I suggest you wouldn’t have picked up on the exchanges of 140 characters back and forth. We started to learn about each other and what we liked, what we did and all the other things you can stalk on social media. It was simple: I wanted to talk to this guy, but a) I didn’t have his phone number, and b) I wouldn’t have felt comfortable calling him anyway (later I found an excuse to call him for a printing quote, although I don’t think I ever went through with the print).

Obviously, our tweets progressed to text messages and calls, and even seeing each other in person. But it all started on Twitter.

What about Facebook?

It’s really quite comical. @ronny_eh and I are completely different. I love Facebook and he thinks that it’s a ridiculous concept and has no interest in being one of the 900+ million users. I jump on every new social media platform to try them as soon as they are launched… even if it’s just for a little while. He rarely uses anything other than Instagram and Twitter. I am super social and love replying and chatting on Twitter; he is the a little less enthusiastic.

However, we do share an interest in Instagram. It’s where our worlds overlap, and it was actually @ronny_eh that first got me onto the app. He was excited to be on a platform where he actually had more followers than me (that’s not the case anymore) and I think he was just excited to share something that he was passionate about. He is a live music photographer, so he likes taking photos of his press passes… and coffee. He LOVES coffee, and occasionally there is a food photo or two – pretty much what Instagram is all about.

From the computer, to the real world

Although we now have a real life relationship, it all began on Twitter, a safe place where you can choose to interact or not. He rarely answers my questions on Twitter now, normally following up with a text message, “why do you tweet me if you can just text me?” To me, it’s simple “because it’s more fun, oh and, it’s way easier to type on the computer right in front of me than on the iPhone sitting on the desk”.

I am passionate about the community I have built on Twitter and I have found some great friends who I generally love to converse and catch up with in the real world, whether it be for hoops, for a drink or perhaps breakfast.

Building relationships

Twitter can be the same for you too if you choose to follow people that you have an interest in and want to connect with. It’s just like when you walk into a networking event and you scope out exactly who you want to connect with; your instinctive search engine in your brain. Twitter is no different.

Build genuine relationships… Go on, I dare you.

PS. My relationship wasn’t really built on #lies… Not that I’m aware.


Samantha Charlton
Freedom Tiger
Freedom Tiger is passionate about creating communities online and offline through social media and “real life”.

What real life relationships have you created through Social Media?




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