Get Social: Digital Content Writing

Content is King

Following on from our post last week, ‘Is Print Dead?’, the  comments on the topic proved that the content offering – be it in print or online – is king. But how do we create engaging content, that people want to read and interact with, online and offline?

The Emerging Writer’s Festival launched last Thursday in Melbourne, and today launches EWFDigital, an online portal to discuss all things digital writing.

Stories In Your Stream

Stories In Your Stream facilitates a conversation on Twitter, and invites everyone to participate whether via mobile, tablet or desktop. The online panels are hosted by various writers and by following the hashtag, #ewf12, the audience will be able to join in the real time discussion about digital writing.

All of the events at EWF are interactive, bridging the gap between pen and paper, keynote speakers and digital, with the added benefit of being able to have these discussions in real time and network with your online counterparts.


TwitterFEST will take place every day this week at 2pm (1 hour), when the speakers will be available to live tweet with. Topics include how to develop an online community, how to make a living from digital writing, what digital writing actually is and where the possibilities lie for the future of digital writing.

The Emerging Writer’s Festival is also hosting sessions on Social Media for Writers and Social Media for Readers, covering the benefits and challenges of social media in these spaces. There is a Blogging masterclass, aimed at those who have already started blogging, which will help advise on a number of areas including monetisation, planning and audience development.

Continuing the Conversation

The Emerging Writer’s Festival’s dedication to incorporating social and online into their program is further evidence of the integration of the traditional print and modern digital model beyond print journalism. While the eleven day long festival ends on June 3, we can be assured the conversation will continue long past this in the digital realm.

We’d love to hear if you participate in any of the online conversations, or attend the events!
Follow the Emerging Writer’s Festival on Facebook and Twitter to interact during the events.

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