Spotify Launches in Australia – What Now for Music?

The long anticipated wait for Spotify finally arrived yesterday, with the popular music platform now available to Australian users.

FRANk Media - Spotify launches in Australia iPadThe record label’s answer to music piracy, Spotify houses over 16 Million songs available for users.  The account is a “freemium” model, which gives subscribers the choice of listening for free with advertisements or paying to upgrade to ad-free services.  The Commonwealth Bank, McDonald’s, Virgin Mobile and Carlton United Breweries have already signed on as sponsors. The arrival of this major international player will surely shake up the market with JB Hi Fi’s  “Now” already operating on mobile streaming model.

Songs are played through the online platform, but also available for paid download.  It is inherently social as users are encouraged to sign in via Facebook and have access to friends playlists & recommendations.  Independent musicians can distribute their music to Spotify; paid through downloads @ $.70 USD while artist payment for streamed songs is on a scale determined by the total number of monthly plays an artist receives.

Since the launch of Napster in 2001, the music industry was rocked by the common-use free file sharing that ultimately changed the world of music.

Online file sharing and accessibility has most certainly drained the pockets of record execs down to the artist themselves…but it has also given the ultimate opportunity for any artist to showcase music to the world.

People will always continue to make and listen to music – whether it is a sustainable living is the ever-changing question.

What are your thoughts on Spotify & the future of the music industry?

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