Shadow QR Codes Drive Sunny Sales in Korea

I have never scanned a QR code in my life. I don’t even have the app! But this campaign from Korea is definitely inspiring in its clever use of nature and novelty.

Korea is well ahead in terms of tech adoption and most of the people have a smartphone and are familiar with QR codes. The campaign is for Emart, one of the largest big box retailers in Korea. Emart needed to increase its lunchtime sales and found a novel way to do so by using mobile to drive sales. They created a three dimensional QR code that only revealed itself during 12 to 1 pm when the sun hit it at just the right angle. The code was placed across the city and anyone who scanned it was given a special discount code for 25% off Emart products, redeemable in-store or through their mobile ecommerce site. Best of all, the goods would be delivered to the customer’s home.

The results: 12,000 coupons were issued during the promotion, Emart membership increased by 58%, and the company succeeded in increasing their in-store sales by 25%.


Here’s hoping for more clever use of QR codes here in Australia so I can finally be inspired to get the app and get something worthwhile out of it. Emart ticks the boxes for getting the right motivation and interest for scanning the code, and providing a valuable benefit, and of course.. share-ability!

What do you think?

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