Bringing Sexy Back to Giving Back

Get CHANGE for your dollar – by giving back as a consumer.

New Ecommerce site Roozt has tapped into the socially conscious consumer by creating ‘a world marketplace for cause brands.’

They allow you to browse their offering based on cause, region or products.

I’m a fan of the sign-up page which is a clever way to engage my loyalty for cause:











Brent Freeman founded Roozt about three years ago with the idea of creating an Etsy-style marketplace for social entrepreneurs, providing a distribution platform for mission-oriented brands.

In 2012, Roozt began flash deals which work similar to group buying sites, but will send money toward a cause. For example, WeWood watches plants one tree through American Forests for each purchase or Ssesko sandals give money towards women’s education in Uganda.

Rootz is also tapping into the gaming mentality. When you sign up, you earn a “change maker” badge and a $10 credit. Moving through the site & sharing will also earn you additional rewards.

One aspect I don’t agree with is advertising I’ve seen based around the site, touting  “Get 50%-80% off socially conscious deals”.  The entire line is actually contrary – socially conscious & discount should not go together.  I’m not after a discount – I’m happy to pay for a good product that supports a cause.

In today’s connected world, it now seems commonplace to be making socially conscious decisions across all facets of commerce.  As consumers become increasingly aware of the world around them, corporations need to recongnise & adjust to stay relevant in their consumers world.

There have been many sites similar to this – what are your thoughts on Roozt…will it survive and be supported?  What about your purchase habits – are you willing to sacrifice brand and possibly some additional cash for a socially conscious purchase?

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