How to make the most out of Pinterest for your business

Greetings earthlings! This is my first blog post starting out as an intern for FRANk! I’m so excited to begin my work experience here at FRANk. I hope to learn more about creative social business strategy and be able to apply what I’ve learned here in the future.

So here we go…

Imagine being able to organise and share all the pretty things you see on the Internet. Pinterest is the new pinboard-style photo sharing social network that allows you to do so!

FRANk Media - Pinterest

Pinterest defines simplicity. Serving like an online scrapbook where all the Web’s images are amassed into one giant collection; it is fairly simple and easy to use. The site’s popularity is expanding rapidly, attracting users that are passionate about organising their Internet content. It is no surprise that globally, majority of its users are in fact WOMEN (because we just love to organise and clean)! Interestingly though, in Australia, 52% of its users are men and 48% women.

Although Pinterest attracts a large following of female users, it should not be restricted to consumers only. Businesses that are social can use this (apart from Facebook and Twitter) as another platform to engage with their customers.

Here are some ideas:


Nothing says more about your brand than a striking profile! The first thing a consumer is exposed to when he/she opens your Pinterest page is a header with your profile picture, brand name and biography. So make a lasting impression with a memorable bio, profile picture and select keyword usernames that enables easy searches.



Connecting your Pinterest account with your existing social networks like Facebook and Twitter will help connect your followers across all platforms. Whenever you post or share something new on Pinterest, users from your Facebook and Twitter accounts will be updated.



One of Pinterest’s best features is the fact that you can create as many themed boards as you want, with relevant content to target different niches. Perhaps you have more than one target market for your brand? Creating a separate board to represent each market can help direct your consumer/client to the content that is best suited for them. Try to use your own content on Pinterest. Original content is fresh, and will generate more attention compared to recycled material. Also, you’ll want to be driving the enormous traffic potential of Pinterest to your own site, not to others’. Pinterest is not limited to photos only, you can post up videos too!



By pinning consistently, you can promote engagement among users and encourage them to visit your pinboard regularly. It is always important to interact with your followers; a good way to let them know that they are part of your brand/business. Likewise, follow other people as well, including other professionals in the same industry as well as your consumers. Re-pin useful content posted by them, and this will urge them do the same back to you.


Some really good Pinterest sites to check out:

Kikki K

FRANk Media - kikki k

Kikki K’s Pinterest is separated into different boards to organise their products according to different collections and their functionality. It really works for Kikki K, because their brand is all about organisation!


Better Homes and Gardens

FRANk Media - Better Homes and Gardens

They have a huge collection of pictures of how to decorate your home, tips on gardning and DIY ideas all neatly organised into different boards.


Ace Bakery


FRANk Media - Ace bakery

Ace Bakery’s profile is short but has all the information you need to understand what kind of services they provide.


Whole Foods Market


FRANk Media - Whole Foods Market


This is one of Whole Foods Market’s boards, titled “Eat your Veggie”. It has recipes, pictures and also videos targeting specific groups of consumer interests a certain market.



FRANk Media - FRANk's Pinterest

Check out FRANk’s Pinterest! Have a look at our pictures and find out about things that grab our interest, what we do outside of work and more.

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