Advertising: the good, the bad & the ugly

You decide which one is which because like most things in life, advertising is a personal thing. You relate to one more than the other and that is fine. Or is it? This week I’ve come across a few ads which I thought everyone might find too irresponsible, tasteless and rude. But hey, somebody approved and published them, so not everyone is on my page. Decide yourself:

FRANk media_ social business agency Melbourne

“In 5 hours he’ll be clearing Flight 87 for take off” (Image left)

So let me get this straight: you can get as drunk as you want but if you take “Recovery” you’ll be right as rain in just 5 hours. In fact you will be able to clear flights for take off or use a nail gun at construction sites. Irresponsible much? I think so. There are enough problems with binge drinking and alcohol abuse and we certainly don’t need to promote this abuse further.


Moving on to the next piece of tasteless advertising (image below):

“Always offer your seat to a pregnant woman. Unless she is wearing a Red Sox hat” 

FRANk media_anti Red Sox fan advertising



Pretty bad, huh? I actually don’t know what to say about this except “WTF?” I thought we are fighting racism and promoting equality but apparently some advertising agency did not get the memo.


Moving on to advertising that is just WRONG- in fact it is so wrong that the mayor of London just banned it himself:

FRANk Media_offensive anti gay ad pulled in London

” Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post- Gay and Proud. Get Over it!”  (Image left)

Go Boris! This type of advertising is just wrong (despite freedom of speech and all that) plus it also implies that being gay is an illness you can cure. Bullshit and very offensive indeed.


I guess this sums up the bad and ugly of advertising, at least for me. You might like these ads and think they are brilliant. Hence the blog post title (see what I did there?) and we just have to agree to disagree in that case.

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