FRANk Jam April 18, 2012 – our pickings of the week

Google+ gets Facebook-esque redesign, now easier to use and navigate

Some updates to the user interface bear an uncanny resemblance to the Facebook Timeline, such as a cover photo that spans the top of the profile page, and larger photo and video displays. However the new navigation ribbon on the left of the pages is new among social media network interfaces. Reactions have been largely positive – what do you think? Read more.



LinkedIn 4x better than Facebook & Twitter for B2B leads

Back in January, Hubspot compiled a study which found LinkedIn to generate the highest visitor-to-lead conversion at 2.74%, three times higher than both Twitter and Facebook. Now new research has emerged that shows the gap between the networks has grown and LinkkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate is 4x greater than the other two. Read more.





KRAFT Taps “Old Birds” for Social Media Content

KRAFT Mac & Cheese launched a social media push for its 75th anniversary celebration. The brand found two lovely old ladies to be temporary community managers for Facebook and Twitter. KRAFT has also produced a series of YouTube videos in which the ladies discuss current phenomena such as planking and social media sharing. It’s a fun, sharable campaign full of personality, making it great content. Read more.


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