Facebook fans = most valuable customers

A recent Forrester study reveals that Facebook fans are a brand’s most valuable customers. Wow!

I have no trouble believing this study, I just don’t understand how it is so hard to feel how valuable you are as a customer on Facebook. Let’s be honest here, brands struggle on Facebook and have no clue about how to work it.

Desperate to be “liked”, brands come up with the weirdest campaigns to drum up more fans. A great recent example is the Commonwealth bank with its sponsored poll (below)- care factor anyone?

FRANk Media_Commonwealth Facebook ad

Also Dutch fashion brand Stüssy made the headlines last week with its latest Facebook campaign.  We wrote about their lame attempt to get more likes on Facebook earlier but let’s recap: a model covered in layers of clothing will strip in return to likes. In other words, one like on Facebook is as valuable as a one dollar bill in a strip club– nice job Stüssy for making your fans feel really special!

FRANk Media- Like me on Facebook

via http://theoatmeal.com/

Facebook fans are too valuable for shit like this, but brands are missing out massively on the potential of Facebook. As brands run meaningless Facebook campaigns to increase their fans numbers, they simply undermine the commercial utility of their Facebook page.

In other words, the Facebook “Like” button does not create fans, it identifies them.

Once identified, a brand can target, select and reward these advocates with meaningful and interesting content. Brands can show how valuable their fans are by creating content that is fun, sad, interesting, raw, hilarious, inspiring and most of all relevant to the fans.

THAT is how you best use Facebook as a brand. Anything else is idiotic.




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