Desperate times: model strips for likes on Facebook for fashion brand

Facebook is not a new tool. It has been around for a while now and brands have had some time to get their heads around how it works. It is not about chasing likes.

I was rather surprised when I read about fashion brand Stüssy undress a female model for likes on their Facebook page. It looks like this:

And it works like this:

“As you can imagine the model must be suffocating under that many layers of clothing. It is almost a public duty to free her out of this misery so we are expecting Facebook fans to help out here. Like and undress.” (via Econsultancy)

Seriously, what are they thinking? There are several issues with this campaign besides the point I made earlier that Facebook is not about likes:

Facebook rules: As noted by The Next Web, Facebook rules clearly state that it does not allow this form of generating likes plus it has a no nudity policy so fans of Stüssy may actually never see the naked girl. How disappointing…

Branding: Clearly this campaign is aimed at men (and lesbians?) but Stüssy also makes fashion for ladies. How they feel about this campaign I can only guess but also is it clever for a brand to be associated with stripping?

Sales: While this campaign may generate likes of the brand page in the short term, how does this sell more exactly? I guess this brings us back to why Facebook is not about generating likes.

We’ll see how this campaign unfolds and report back if anything interesting happens. In the meantime, let us know what you think about this? Genius or insanity?


UPDATE: The campaign has finished and the end result is this:

Image via

I would feel seriously jibbed if I had “liked” the page to see this lady naked but I would also be offended by the middle finger action of the model. Well done! [NOT]




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