FRANk Jam April 11, 2012 – our weekly pickings

Facebook acquires Instagram for US$1 billion

Days after the successful launch of its Android app, photo-sharing service Instagram has been acquired by Facebook for a whopping $1 billion. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom (who is now up $400 million) insisted that “Instagram is not going away.” Instagram will be working with Facebook to evolve itself, build the network and continue to add new features that enhance the mobile photo sharing experience. Facebook has since helped Instagram roll out an Open Graph app so users can post images to Facebook without any friction.




Facebook fans are a brand’s best customers

Forrester has released a study that points out that Facebook fans are the most loyal advocates and customers. Facebook fans are more likely to buy from you, consider you, and recommend you. Read more?





8 things to consider before implementing a social customer service strategy

There is a need to step back and think strategically about your social customer service offering before you leap in and do it. By now, most brands realise that they can’t ignore it. Social customer service is a key factor in determining consumer satisfaction – how will you achieve it? EConsultancy shares some good tips.


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