Social Business Tipping Point

Whilst awaiting my coffee at the ever so convenient St. Edmonds just across the road I scanned the business section from The Age. The article was about mining billionaires….blah blah…but the bit that caught my eye was the opening paragraph ” In the nineties and the noughties global banking and finance set the tone with an attitudethat could be summed up as ‘we’re here for a good time, not a long time.’ Get in, get out, get the bonus, let someone else clean up.”

It occured to me that the ‘let someone else clean up attitude’ has been highly prevalent in marketing for too long as well. Short term thinking generally underpins short term returns (ROI) in the quest to impress. We all know some perpetrators. This attitude has certainly been one of the barriers to brands embracing a social business strategy and realising its no longer an option.

There is a step-change afoot as marketing/advertising/communication becomes less about quick and repetitive appeal in favour of personalised experiences and long term relationships. A true social strategy is more of a attitude than a campaign and the shift for marketers needs to change from decades of “acting then measuring” to “listening and responding.”

Traditional media has a key role to play within a successful social strategy but we must ensure that the new tools are not used in the old ‘push’ ways. After all the tools will come and go and the danger of navigating these waters like the titanic is very real.

For us it’s not so much about working with great brands, it’s about working with great marketers, because then anything is possible.

I sense that the tipping point is coming as people realise that the same old thinking is working decreasingly well. Onwards to the future and the longer term.

Does anyone notice the beginning of a longer term attitude coming from marketers?

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