FRANk Jam February 1, 2012- our pickings of the week



FRANk Social Media Week_FacebookFacebook Recommendations Bar plugin turns any website into an Open Graph app

The Recommendations Bar is one of Facebook’s newest social plugins, and the first to integrate the social reading and frictionless sharing capabilities of Open Graph. Put simply, the Recommendations Bar allows any website to implement the same social reading and social recommendation features found in “social reader” style apps. The plugin is still in beta but when it becomes publicly accessible we expect it to be a highly effective tool for blogs or other content-rich sites to increase referral traffic and reader engagement. Read more?


Social media week_sponsored house partiesSponsored House Parties – experiential marketing to those who want it

For many brands, getting a product to a targeted customer group can be extremely difficult. House Party is an organization that helps brands promote their products by getting products to the target customers in the best setting. People can apply to be the host of the party and invite friends, and the brand provides the goodies and treats. Several popular brands on board, including Benefit and Godiva.


Social media week_YouTubeCEO

YouTube CEO: The future of content is niche channels

The way consumers access and consume media is changing rapidly and YouTube is evolving to accommodate it with a recent investment of $100 million into developing premium content channels catering to subjects such as business news, food, dance, education, fitness etc. Read more?

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