FRANk Jam January 25, 2012- our pickings of the week


Foursquare now displays priced menus

Two weeks ago, Foursquare announced its latest ‘Explore’ feature which leveraged its 1.5 billions checkins into personalised, localised recommendations for users. Now, it will be displaying prices and menus on the app, powered by NYC startup SinglePlatform, which will keep it updated in realtime. Read more?

Facebook finally rolls out ‘Actions’ within 78 apps for the Timeline

Facebook ‘Actions’ have finally been unveiled through 78 apps on the Timeline, including popular platforms such as UrbanSpoon, Pinterest, SoundCloud and TripAdvisor. Apps help publish your activities onto your Timeline. It is expected that Facebook will begin allowing third party developers to create their own apps with unique, branded actions in the coming weeks. Click here to start adding your own apps to your Timeline.

Facebook Timeline to be enforced to all users over the coming weeks
Facebook Timeline is to become the new de facto standard for all Facebook profiles. Facebook announced last Tuesday that Timeline will be coming to all users in the next few weeks. Users are being notified on the site that they have seven days to preview their Timeline and curate/hide content. Read more?

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