Say no to social media crap

Social media- love it or hate it?
Either way, fact is that as a brand you have to deal with the subject. Unfortunately brands often are ill-advised by “social media experts” or media/creative agencies blinded by the big $$$ and ignorant to consumer needs. The result of everybody having a finger in the social media pie is that often the consumers are left with taste- and useless social marketing campaigns.

Made by Many from the UK has some really good examples of such campaigns and calls it “Landfill Marketing”. You know, “marketing communications that no one wants, trying to flog us stuff we don’t need”.

Their Slideshare presentation called “Let’s kill landfill marketing” is brilliant and made me laugh out load and nod constantly in agreement. I could not have said it better and it really explains why brands should say NO to crap (social) media campaigns.

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