FRANk Jam January 11, 2012- our pickings of the week


Social Media Week_social media important for customer service15% of 16- 24 year olds turn to social media first for customer service

Once again we see that young consumers want to be able to address customer service issues using social media, according to a new study by Sitel. The first thing 57% of consumers do when they encounter a problem is search for it online.

But while the emphasis on social is increasing, it should only be one part of a broader approach to customer service. It’s important not to forget that 64% of consumers aged 55-64 contact the manufacturer or retailer directly when they encounter a problem, with a preference for contact details. Read more?


Social Media Week_Ikea sleepover for Facebook fansIKEA hosts sleepover for Facebook fans

After finding a Facebook group of almost 100,000 people called “I Wanna Have A Sleepover in IKEA“, IKEA took the opportunity to create a competition for 100 fans to make their dreams come true, with a giant sleepover at the Essex, UK IKEA store. A great PR stunt that reached out to and rewarded the brand advocates and gave them special attention and care (which usually lacks in IKEA stores) Watch the campaign video here.


Social Media Week_brilliant use of social mediaBrilliant social-themed ads by Milwaukee Public Library

Borders has closed but Charlie Bit My Finger has raked in millions. We really admire Milwaukee Library’s ads that make us sit back and question our priorities. Click to check them out!

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