New Twitter to become a compelling destination for brands & consumers

Last week, Twitter rolled out a new version that makes it easier for users to discover what’s happening in trends and activities. The new version represents a move to increasing the opportunity for brands to showcase their offerings with a more engaging look and feel. The redesigned version will be fully available within a matter of weeks, but eager beavers can try out the new version on their iPhone or Android phones by downloading the app here.

One of the most noticeable changes is that profile information and trends will appear on the left and tweets will appear on the right – opposite of the current layout.

frank media - new twitter design

Easy to use tabs

New tabs have been introduced – now users can navigate between “Home”, “Connect”, “Discover” and “Me”.

FRANk media - Twitter discoverFrank media - me

The Home section will show embedded photos, videos and conversations in tweets – making it easier to follow threads and consume media.

The Connect tab shows your interactions and mentions – replies/retweets from users, new followers and favourited tweets. The separation of interactions and mentions makes it easier for brands to know when users are communicating directly with them or talking about them, which makes Twitter even more efficient as a customer service and monitoring tool.

The Discover tab highlights stories, summarises your activity and suggests people to follow based on your location, what you follow, and current events.

The Me tab is a new profile section that makes it easier for others to view your recent tweets, lists, favourites, followers and photos, all in one place.

These changes have simplified Twitter greatly and made it less intimidating – old Twitter was rather jarring to newbies but the new design is likely to get more people signed on and staying on.

Enhanced profiles for brands

As part of the release, enhanced profile pages were also rolled out for brands. In the past, brand profiles on Twitter were limited to having a creative bio, profile picture and background image to create value and consistency with the brand. Now, brands can have a large header image displaying a logo, tagline or other visuals (a little similar to Facebook’s cover photo for the Timeline).

Brands will also be able to control the message visitors see when they first land on the profile page through a tweet that always stays at the top of the page’s stream – useful for highlighting an important message, update or promotion, allowing for better connection with the target audience. This promoted tweet will appear auto-expanded so that visitors to the page can instantly see any photo or video that is linked to that tweet.

frank media - new twitter brand profiles

The new enhanced profile pages are being launched with 21 advertising partners and select charities and individuals. The option to enhance your brand’s Twitter page will be slowly rolled out over the coming months.

Embeddable tweets

Tweets can now be linked to on web pages using the Embeddable Tweets feature. This new feature drives users directly back to the Twitter user profile with the option to follow, or to favourite tweets. With this feature, your website visitors have the ability to reply, retweet and favourite your tweet without leaving your page.

Here’s an example of what you could place on your web page.
Frank media - embedded tweets
Looks great for promoting more social sharing and generating more followers!

Have you tried out the new Twitter? What do you think?

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