FRANk Jam November 29, 2011- our pickings of the week


FRANk Social Media Week_durexDurex causes controversy in South Africa with Twitter sex jokes

As the recent Qantas debacle highlighted, sensitivity to your customers is paramount in social media. Durex failed in another area of sensitivity – to the culture and politics of the environment. A Twitter campaign in South Africa backfired when the brand’s agency posted questionable jokes that degraded women and made light of violence against women. In South Africa where one in four men have admitted to raping a woman, it’s no wonder feminist groups were enraged. Durex has since apologised. Read more.

FRANk Social Media Week_FacebookFacebook comments are four times more valuable than Likes

Facebook’s new metrics enable the monitoring of Shares and Clicks. For every Like on a post, an average of 3.1 clicks were generated.
On the other hand, a comment on a post leads to a whopping 14,678 click Shares are thus a very important driver for your brand’s Facebook exposure. Read more.

FRANk Social Media Week_DTDeutsche Telekom “Life is for sharing” campaign beams Mariah Carey holographic concert across Europe

The T-Mobile branded Christmas campaign starring Mariah Carey was witnessed live by thousands of Europeans in a hologram multi-media-show that was delivered simultaneously in Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Poland, as well as streamed on the brand’s online channel. Watch the virtual concert here

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