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The current state of social media take up in Australia can be likened to a first school dance, with everyone sitting on the edge of the dance floor eyeing each other up.

The ‘everyone’ in this case includes media agencies, creative agencies, digital agencies, PR, specialist social agencies and of course brands.

Sure there are dalliances to be observed with some brands (everyone actively competes to dance with a brand or two) but most dances only last for one track before the brands return to their seats on the edge of the floor, feeling a bit uncertain about whether they enjoyed the experience.

Suddenly a new entrant struts on to the floor, an Earned Media Director (EMD). See here for an understanding about “Earned” in context of “Bought” and “Owned”

This is a whole new job title and the brands sit up to take notice.

Such a person seeks to breakdown the ‘hostile disconnect’ between the brand-suitors, particularly media and creative.

In this post from Ad Age Digital, last week, Dan Greenberg suggests that the role of an EMD at a media agency will have distinct roles from an EMD at a creative agency. At time of writing there are 3 responses to Dan’s post which largely query the term ‘Earned’ and to my mind strangle the concept of an EMD.

The role of an EMD is to

o help brands strategically plan earned media campaigns
o ensure broad reach of content through paid media buys, PR, and free social distribution strategies
o measure the impact of earned media on bottom-line sales and brand reach.
o guide the creation and execution of earned media campaigns
o provide clear metrics showing the impact these earned media campaigns have on brand reach, sales, and marketing ROI.

To quote an EMD from Evolution Bureau who describes his job “it’s about strategically planning and executing integrated brand content programs that seamlessly tie together shareable content, PR, and paid media to get our content seen and socialized.”

I love the idea but I’m just not sure if an EMD’s role sits within different agencies or within the brands or whether it’s more encompassing.
After all social is bigger than media or creative or marketing.

As silos breakdown so might people’s range of expertise and understanding, giving us “T-shaped” people.

Who would you like to dance with?
Do you like the idea of EMD’s?
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