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Social Media Week_FRANk Media_JC PennyJC Penney lets you personalise gift tags through QR codes
Department store chain JC Penney has started their “Who’s Your Santa” campaign for Christmas. Special gift tags are given to people who buy gifts from the stores. The tags have QR codes which the consumer can scan with a QR code reader on their smartphone, record a 60-second personal voice message for the recipient, and stick the card on the gift. Recipients can scan the code again and listen to the voice message. This innovative use of QR codes to add an extra personal touch is a great move by JC Penney to add something memorable to Christmas gifts this season.

Social Media Week_FRANk Media_Facebook TickerFacebook launches ads in the Ticker
Yesterday, Facebook added sponsored stories to the real-time news ticker on the side of the Facebook interface. The ads are being introduced slowly so it is unclear the extent to which sponsored stories will be featured in the newsfeed.

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Social Media Wee_FRANk Media_find your social voiceHow 5 top brands crafted their social media voices

Some of the most compelling brand voices on Twitter have revealed how they’ve gotten a great following with a conversational and informative brand voice on social media. Although these profiles may focus on media and fashion, the accounts show dedication to timeliness, customer service, listening to opinions, and engaging consumers in friendly dialogue.
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