Show off products and brands in a whole new light

Technology is really helping brands to run chills down their customers’ spines by opening up the possibilities to new forms of product showcasing by delivering big on the wow factor. It’s getting harder and harder for brands to stand out and brands need to go the extra mile to get noticed and build buzz. Here are some examples that might just blow you away:



Nike Jordan Melo M8

Last week, the Jordan Brand officially inaugurated the Jordan Melo M8 in New York City with its Flight Event at Pier 54 by the Hudson River. Attendees were treated to one of the coolest advertisements ever for a sneaker – in the form of a holographic video displayed on water and amazing 3D projection mapping onto the background buildings.



Burberry Beijing

In Burberry’s Beijing catwalk, 3D holograms and real models are mixed together = only six of them are real! Can you find them?
It’s great to see a clothing brand show turn runways into more than just models strutting down the stage, but a piece of performance art, almost. Adding this innovative element of performance helps strengthen the idea of their clothes as art.



Adidas France

3D projection mapping has been around for a while, but the scale of this project by Adidas and the intensity of the images are rather impressive. The campaign is called “Adidas is all in” and was launched earlier this year in Marseille, France.




Samsung uses intricate 3D projection mapping to draw attention to the feature of its – you guessed it – 3D TVs.



The Tourist

This building projectio was to promote the movie “The Tourist” starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas hosted a party with this 3D architectural mapping projection art show.

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