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FRANk Media_Pedigree campaign

Pedigree raises funds by taking a dog on a virtual walk

Pedigree are well known for their efforts in helping and caring for abandoned dogs, creating numerous campaigns over the years to help increase awareness. Pedigree (UK) have created the virtual dog walk which allows you to take a dog, Ripley, on a walk across the internet – to different websites dedicated to beaches, forests and parks around the UK. During each walk you can play with Ripley, and for each journey he completes, Pedigree will make a £1 donation with the aim of raising £100,000 overall. An innovative campaign that employs social and digital to spread a message.

FRANk Media_Facebook changes

A quick overview of 8 new Facebook changes

1. Facebook lets you tag non-friends in comments (supposedly)
2. Facebook navigation bar locked to top of page
3. Requesting Facebook photos to be removed has been made easier
4. Facebook iPad app released
5. Page photos get larger
6. New insights and “talking about this metric”
7. Facebook adds translation to all pages
8. Facebook expands premium ad unit to allow more social content

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ThingLink launches printable NFC tags

FRANk Media_ThingLinkThingLink is a startup known for allowing you to add rich media tags to online images – but recently they have announced the launch of ThingLink Labs to create and productize innovations in the field of image interaction. Their first project is Rich Media Notes, a printed version of ThingLink images, which will include NFC tags. ThingLink printouts mean the possibility of wider distribution with NFC-enabled posters, flyers, handouts and other material. Read more?

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