Greenpeace demonstrates how powerful social media really is

Mattel has given in to public pressure after Greenpeace exposed the toy manufacturer’s appalling paper sourcing policy. The former paper company of Mattel Asia Pulp and Paper” (APP)  has been linked to the destruction of the Indonesian rainforest for toy packaging. After a very clever campaign by Greenpeace and public pressure Mattel and Lego recently announced it cut ties with all suppliers involved with rainforest destruction.

This is a huge win for Greenpeace and I hope more companies will follow Mattel’s example. But let’s talk about how Greenpeace accomplished this win. It is a serious issue but the brains behind this campaign took a very light hearted, funny, intelligent and social approach that I just LOVE.

It all started with a public split from Barbie when Ken announced “Barbie, it’s over”


This outdoor guerilla tactic was only the first installment in a hilarious social media campaign that brought the toy giant to its knees. Watch how Ken and Barbie’s public fall out unfolds on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook like a Hollywood drama with name calling, scandals and leaked telephone conversations:

FRANk Media_Greenpeace Twitter campaign

FRANk Media_Greenpeace Twitter campaign 2

FRANk Media_ Facebook Greenpeace campaign


After a four month campaign, Mattel finally gives in and announces the revision of their paper sourcing policy. A very entertaining campaign to watch with a happy ending and who knows maybe Barbie and Ken will get back together?

Watch the whole story here and If you want to help Greenpeace in the future and support their cause why not donate a tweet?

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