Facebook Update: New tool lets you see what your friends see

With all the new changes on Facebook it can be confusing and hard to keep up. People wonder who can see what info they post as privacy concerns over Facebook become louder and louder.

Facebook has quietly introduced a new feature called “View As”. This function at the top right corner of your Facebook page lets you view your own page as one of your friends sees it. Click on the “View As” button as below:


FRANk Media- New Facebook tool lets you see what your friends

Source: www.simplyzesty.com

You then get to chose a friend and Facebook will show you how this friend will see your profile. It is a great tool to check if the privacy settings are actually working when you have for example hidden from a particular person certain profile details or do not want to share photos from a wild party with your boss and work mates after you called in sick on Monday.


Check it out!

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