There’s Always Next Season

We’re really excited to report we’ve launched another integrated campaign that used Bought and Earned media properties to drive engagement, increase reach and brand awareness.

The campaign involved one of FRANk’s clients,, who recognised that a lot of football fans are lamenting the fact that their football season is over for 2011 and to cheer them up Carsales wanted to remind them that “There’s Always Next Season.”  With that sentiment in mind they’ve decided to giveaway football memberships to the AFL/NRL club of your choice in 2012.

At FRANk we bought this to life by building two mechanisms that would engage the Carsales audience at two different touch points.

Bought: Our relationship with Sports Mate, whom Carsales has been involved with via AFL/NRL live app meant that we could utilise the existing dynamic banners on the app to drive entries into the competition. We designed and implemented a fully customised web form with a simple mechanic so as not to interrupt the users experience with the app for more than a few seconds.


Earned: Secondly, we built an application on the Carsales Facebook page that has driven more likes and increased the reach of the brand across the entrant’s social networks. As part of the application functionality we built an automatic ‘Like’ component to enter the competition and an optional push function to notify the entrants friends about the competition.

At FRANk we believe an integrated media approach is the best way to ensure audience engagement and results from the first week have been super positive. We’ll keep you informed of the progress in coming weeks, but if you haven’t entered the comp, make sure you do, here!

Secondly, we built a Facebook application that has driven more likes and increased the reach of the brand across the entrant’s social networks. As part of the app we built an automatic ‘Like’ component and an optional push notification to an entrant’s network

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