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Tap-to-pay Google Wallet just launched

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Google has just publicly launched Google Wallet – an app that makes your phone your wallet – with Citi, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. With Google Wallet, you store electronic versions of your credit card on your smartphone and pay and save by simply tapping the phone on a near field communication (NFC) reader at a store counter. The app is now available to Samsung Nexus S owners on the Sprint network in the US and will be available worldwide soon. Check out the Google Wallet app in action in this video

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Facebook set for another overhaul at f8

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Facebook is holding its developers conference, f8, this Thursday. f8 plans have been revealed, and its focus is clear: Content. With the directional motto “Read. Watch. Listen.”, Facebook is reportedly planning to structure the platform in a way that shares content activity both inside and outside of the service, to “socialise the internet”. Major redesign of user profiles are being planned, as well as a “Want” button to help understand the way users interact with content and provide more specific data on what content users are consuming and when.

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The motto for Facebook’s F8 event? “Read. Watch. Listen.”

Burberry to give sneak peeks of runway looks on Twitter

After having staged 3D and shoppable livestreams in past seasons, Burberry is raising the bar again, bringing its runway collection to the largest online audience possible with the greatest reach and exposure – through social. The luxury brand has partnered with Twitter to share backstage Twitpics of every runway look with the brand’s followers on Twitter before the models hit the runway. With a live HD stream of the show on and Facebook (which users can also host on their own Facebook profile pages), as well as support for all major smartphone and tablet platforms, Burberry’s integration of different social platforms is great for starting conversation around their brand and event.

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