FRANk’s Weekly Media Updates- September 15, 2011

Latest news highlights

Facebook overhauls the news feed

FRANK Media Newsletter_Facebook news feed
Facebook has been busy with some big changes.
It just revamped the news feed to make Friend Lists easier to manage and use with the introduction of Smart Lists, which automatically creates lists for city, work, family and school, with continuous suggestions on who to add to which list. Similar to Google+ circles, the Friends Lists will also include lists for close friends and acquaintances. These lists have an impact on the news feed – for example, posts from people in your ‘close friends’ list will appear more prominently on your news feed.
A new ‘subscribe’ button has also been announced, which similar to Twitter and Google+, allows anybody on Facebook to share their updates far and wide. This option will be rolled out to everyone in the next couple of days but you can enable it yourself here. It’s great for people who want to push their content or raise their profile on Facebook. The subscribe button also lets you choose what you want to see from those in your news feed – finally, you can hide all the irrelevant game stories!

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Better understand how Twitter and its integration is driving traffic to your site with the new Twitter Web Analytics tool

FRANk Media Newsletter_ Twitter integration
Twitter is really ramping up – last week it introduced Promoted Tweets to non-followers, and this week after surpassing the 100 million active user mark, it has also released its own web analytics tool. The new tool helps website owners understand how much traffic they receive from Twitter and the effectiveness of Twitter integrations on their sites. Twitter Web Analytics is currently being rolled out to a small group of pilot testers and will be made available to all website owners within the next few weeks – stay tuned!

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More decision-makers are getting on Twitter

FRANk Media Newsletter_ twitter
A study by CNBC has found that Twitter has grown to a 61% reach for business and marketing purposes, up from 31% a year ago. Despite LinkedIn’s business focus, Twitter is overtaking as the default place for real-time business connections, offering more than LinkedIn at the current time. Twitter is also beginning to dwarf Facebook as the social network of choice for decision makers.

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