Facebook is more important than flushing loos

A recent British survey by the London Science Museum asked 3,000 adults what things they couldn’t live without. Facebook ranked 5th out of the 50 things, right up there with sunshine, and more important than having a flushing toilet.

Some surprising results that show how technological connection is becoming an absolute necessity in this era:

  • Having an Internet connection (2nd place) was more important than clean drinking water (3rd place).
  • Having a mobile / smart phone was (10th place) was more important than shower facilities (13th place), and of course, was needed more than laptops (26th place).
  • Thankfully, Google (22nd place) is ranked as more important to life than hair straighteners (24th place).

However, Twitter is in the unfortunate last place, having been beaten by push-up bras, oh dear.

The full survey results:

  1. Sunshine
  2. Internet connection
  3. Clean drinking water
  4. Fridge
  5. Facebook
  6. NHS
  7. Cooker
  8. Email
  9. Flushing toilet
  10. Mobile phone / smartphone
  11. Tea and Coffee
  12. Washing machine
  13. Shower
  14. Central heating
  15. Painkillers
  16. Fresh vegetables
  17. Vacuum Cleaner
  18. Kettle
  19. Sofa
  20. Shoes
  21. Fresh fruit
  22. Google
  23. Car
  24. Hair straighteners
  25. Public transport
  26. Laptop
  27. Chocolate
  28. DVD Player
  29. Wristwatch
  30. Make-up
  31. Flat screen TV
  32. Wedding ring
  33. Tumble dryer
  34. Bottled water
  35. Ebay
  36. Bicycle
  37. Ipod
  38. Air conditioning
  39. Disposable nappies
  40. Light bulbs
  41. Spell-check
  42. Sat Nav
  43. Push-up bra
  44. Nintendo Wii
  45. iPad
  46. Gym Membership
  47. Season ticket to your football club
  48. Freezer
  49. Xbox
  50. Twitter

I definitely agree with the Internet connection bit, but I personally believe flushing toilets and showers, which are the cornerstones of personal hygiene, are more important to your social life than Facebook or your smartphone! #justsayin!

What are some of the things you can’t live without?

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