Promoted Tweets go live

Twitter has just ramped up its ad plan again with ads to appear in a user’s Tweet stream from accounts not being followed. The concept, which went live today, is described as “Promoted Tweets to users like your followers”.

A promoted tweet in real-time search results. Credit: Richard Nevins and TwitPic


This is the first time that Twitter will show ads to users who haven’t made some direct action to trigger the ads – such as following a particular account or by searching for a term on Twitter. The ad program drew much criticism for being invasive and intrusive (users don’t have the ability to opt out of the ads), but stats by eMarketer and Lab42 indicate that is might not be such a bad idea overall.


The figures seem to point that Twitter users are very open to using Twitter to find out more about brands:

  • 89.4% of users polled states that they follow a brand’s Twitter account
  • Most users (30.6%) follow between 1 to 5 brand accounts
  • 8.2% follow over 50 accounts

Overall user sentiment regarding Promoted Tweets is positive and a good portion of users have found Promoted Tweets to be useful:

  • Only 10.9% of users finding them annoying
  • The remaining 89.1% liked (or were indifferent to) Promoted Tweets
  • 24.8% saw Promoted Tweets that were relevant to them
  • 14% have retweeted a Promoted Tweet
  • 21.6% have received discounts through a Promoted Tweet
  • 21.2% have learned about new brands through a Promoted Tweet

However, Twitter will not be able to guarantee marketers that users will see the ad message. Like its other ad formats, it will sell them through a modified auction and only some buyers will get a chance to deliver their ads.

What do you think of Twitter’s Promoted Tweets?

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