FRANk’s Weekly Media Updates- September 7, 2011

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Google’s +1 button may be used to help re-order search rankings

FRANK Media Newsletter_Google+ button
Google is planning to turn its +1 button into a crowdsourcing tool to help re-order search results and fight web spam. It will embark on studying the clicks on +1 buttons as signals to influence the ranking and appearance of websites in search results. If the +1 clicks are eventually used to help determine search rankings, then there’s going to be heavy pressure on sites to embed the Google+ button.

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Google Explores Re-Ranking Search Results Using +1 Button Data

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets go live

FRANk Media Newsletter_Promoted Tweets
Twitter has just ramped up its ad plan again with ads to appear in a user’s Tweet stream from accounts not being followed. The concept, which went live today, is described as “Promoted Tweets to users like your followers”.

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What are the top 10 small business Facebook pages?

FRANk Media_ top 10 small business Facebook pages
More often than not, huge brands’ Facebook pages are heralded as great examples of engagement and fan activation – but what about small businesses that don’t have the same global fanbase? Check out the top 10 small business Facebook pages – selected out of 1400 nominations for some ideas and inspiration.

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