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Facebook Check-in Deals comes to Australia

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After an extended testing period in New Zealand, Facebook Deals finally launched in Australia a couple of days ago. Facebook Deals has now arrived down under with big brand initial partners – Commonwealth Bank, KFC, 7-Eleven and Westfield. There are several perks to using Facebook Check-in Deals to promote one’s business, including spreading word of mouth, encouraging trial and impulse purchase, direct contact with fans, and timely and geo-located customer targeting.

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Watch out Google+: Facebook’s new app allows group video chat

FRANk Media app

A new video chat app by Facebook,, allows you to hold a group video chat with up to 50 Facebook friends at the same time. fills a usability gap on Facebook as the social network does not permit video chats with groups despite launching a Skype-powered (one-to-one) video chat feature last month. With, you can share a unique link to the chat with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.

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Get all your Twitter pictures in one gallery

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Twitter is rolling out a new feature called user galleries starting on Monday. Galleries will automatically display the 100 most recent images the user has shared through Twitter (regardless of whether they were on yFrog, Twitpic, Instagram, or any other third-party photo-sharing clients). Galleries will be live on a user’s profile and highlight a few recent images. Twitter has recently made numerous changes to make its interface appear less text-heavy to emphasise that it is not just a place for 140 character expressions, but for photos as well.

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