11 Top Tips for new Bloggers

A good friend of mine recently caught blog fever and asked me for any tips on writing a post. Happy to hear if anyone can add to my top 11 tips

Things to know

1.  Work out which key phrases/words you want your company to be associated with and try to work some of them in every into every post. eg. Social business strategy, social media agency.

2. When you use them either bold them, italicise or underline…this will attract the google spiders and give you more google juice. By the way the heading for each post has more searchability than the body copy.

3. Always include an image and ensure that you tag it/hyperlink with some of your key words (do not the default tag that comes with cutnpaste images)…this you can do when you attach to your posts….when you glide over the image the words should come up…..great ‘juice.’

4. Link your posts to other blogs and when possible to previous posts you have written.

5. Never take credit for other people’s ideas/thinking/writing….you will be found out.

6. Make articles easy to read with sub headings and keep it bite sized @ 150-400 words

7. People love lists..eg top ten tips for wotevr

8. Comment on other people’s blogs and include your url/key words as relevant

9. Try and map out a content plan….not always easy but allows you to strike a balance between bouts of silence and Garrulous-ness (especially important on FB and twitter)

10. If you want to attract new readers then add value and be interesting…DO NOT just talk about yourself or your brand.

11. Try and post your articles in the morning when the day is fresh and people have more inclination to ‘explore’….afternoon posts can become swamped.

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