FRANk’s Weekly Media Updates- August 12, 2011

Latest news highlights

New Twitter features: a more useful mentions column, a new Activity tab, direct image uploading and new reply feature

FRANk Media Newsletter_Twitter feature
To help users keep up with who favourited or retweeted their tweets, Twitter has modified the mentions column with more information so all mentions, favourites and follows are in one place.
In addition, Twitter’s new Activity tab provides a rich new source of discovery by highlighting the latest favourite tweets, retweets and follows from the people you follow, making it much easier to explore Twitter, connect with people and discover what’s happening around the world.
Direct image uploading on Twitter itself has been enabled, removing the need for third-party Twitter clients to tweet images. The new upload button appears to the left of the location icon. This feature will store images with Twitter’s photo sharing partner Photobucket.
Just today, Twitter added another new feature – a prompt to post a public @ reply to any user when you are on their profile page, making social interaction much easier on the interface. With so many changes made in one week you’d think there was a hot new social network that is challenging Twitter for its users..

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Klout doubles the number of services it measures

FRANK Media Newsletter_Klout
Klout has just added Blogger, Flickr, Instagram, and Tumblr to its range of services used to measure one’s social influence. Just in the last month, it integrated Foursquare and YouTube to its algorithm. Klout claims this produces a more holistic view of influence. By adding blogging, photos and music to the interactions already being measured, Klout believes it is moving closer to its goal of providing a complete picture of one’s influence. More services are being eyed, including Google+.

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Facebook launches Messenger mobile app

FRANk Media Newsletter_Facebook Messenger mobile app
On Tuesday, Facebook launched Facebook Messenger, an Android and iPhone app for sending messages to ‘friends and small groups’. The app allows messaging to both Facebook friends and phone contacts, something that Google+’s Huddles feature doesn’t do. Messenger serves as an extension of Facebook messages, allowing you to view your full history of messages on both mobile and web.
Besides the groups feature, there is a location integration feature so you can choose to let those in your group chat view where you are on a map – so useful in arranging meetups. Since launching on Tuesday afternoon, Facebook’s Messenger app has risen to claim the number one spot in the iTunes App Store.

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Forget planking, beheading is the new thing

FRANk Media Newsletter_Horsemanning
“Horsemanning”, or fake beheading, was a popular way of taking pictures in the 1920s and is now experiencing a revival. Definitely safer, more interesting, and more social (!) than planking, owling etc. Perhaps this could be something to do on your weekend?

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