FRANk’s Weekly Media Updates- August 5, 2011

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Google+ adds a million new users a day in first month, outpacing Facebook

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Google+, the new social network from Google, is growing at a gargantuan pace. The social destination has now hit 25 million unique visitors, reaching that milestone faster than Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, according to new comScore data.

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Google grabs record 25+ unique visitors but it is not fair to compare to Facebook

Australian businesses lag in social media game

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KPMG has revealed that only 42% of Australian organisations are embracing social media in their business operations, while 48% have no presence in the space.
The report points to marketing and sales as the primary areas of social media use by organisations, with customer service, corporate brand and reputation management, business development/research and product/service innovation capabilities coming in second.

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Australian businesses lag in social media game

5 big mistakes when using QR codes

FRANk Media_QR codes

1. Not Testing the Code
2. Getting Too Fancy With Text
3. Serving up Non-Mobile Pages
4. Putting QR Codes Where There’s No Data Signal
5. Not Offering Enough Value

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QR mistakes

FaceLook: Coca Cola’s innovative app integrates our real and social life

FRANk Media Newsletter_Coca Cola
Across Israel, Coca-Cola have hosted a range of summer activities bringing teenagers together. To ensure that these events and activities could be shared across the user’s social network they introduced FaceLook, an app based on, using facial recognition technology to create Facebook posts. Users can post comments and pictures to their Facebook wall using only their faces as identification.

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FaceLook: Coca Cola’s facial recognition app

Video game industry ratings explained

FRANk Media_Video Ratings explained
Confused by the video game industry rating system, and not sure what your tween should be allowed to play? Don’t be. This handy graphic explains it all in an easy to remember illustration. From C.C. Chapman, via Google+

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