Serving is the new Selling

plantThis is what happens when you head off to Bali for a week and leave your plant in the hands of your FRANk colleagues – Sorry Leanne!

However, help may be at hand thanks to a recent campaign initiative from Madrid. A shopping centre there has proven they understand “serving is the new selling” with their free full-board hotel service for plants, providing love and attention while owners are on holiday.

Across July & August, travellers who are concerned about the welfare of their plants can take them to Hotel Para Plantas, a designated floor at Isla Azul where they will be looked after by a team of professional botanists. All “guests” are given personal treatments tailored to suit their needs, including water, light, pruning, spraying and irrigation. There are even security cameras so customers can rest assured their pots aren’t neglected, and audio downloads available that stimulate plant growth and deter pests.

The campaign itself aims to drive more visitors to the shopping centre by responding to a real problem, building a customer database, and creating positive PR and a service with longevity after the campaign ends. There is also an incentive to win EUR 500 worth of vouchers when shoppers register their details.

Hotel Para Plantas is a creative, but functional solution that ticks all the boxes when it comes to building trust with consumers. How could you better serve your customers’ needs and keep them coming back for more?

You’ll be pleased to know that not all was lost with Leanne’s plant, with 24 hours of intense watering and plenty of sunlight prior to her return it was resurrected and is now thriving!

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