Why your brand should embrace social media

Why should your brand be on Facebook or Twitter? This is a question that comes up all the time and the answer to the question is not written in stone. There are many approaches to social media and even more opinions. One way to answer the question however is to look at why people are interested in brands in the social media space. Get satisfaction has published some research around the topic and here are my top three insights:

FRANk Media- why people follow brands

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The top three reasons for both Facebook and Twitter are:

1) Special Offers

2) Current Customer of the brand

3) Interesting or entertaining content

No surprise that the the top reason for people to follow brands on Facebook (36.9%) and Twitter (43.5%) are special offers and deals.

The second most common reason for a person to follow a brand is because they are current customers of the brand. 32.9% named this reason for being a fan on Facebook and 23.5% for following a brand on Twitter.

“Only” 18.2% and 22.7% of respondents said that they follow a brand because of its interesting or entertaining content- probably because not a lot of great content is out there.

So what does this mean for brands? Set up a Facebook page for special offers? That would be boring really quick…The best bet for a brand is to invest into a solid strategy and create good content, add value and appreciate the customers. Because the real opportunity with social media is offline… let’s have a  look at the next key insight:


FRANk Media_ What happens when people follow brands

Source: http://blog.getsatisfaction.com/

The majority of Facebook and Twitter followers always or usually consider the brand when they are in the market for the product.

The majority of Facebook and Twitter followers always or usually also buy the product/service from the brand they follow.

Lastly, the majority of fans and followers also recommend the brand to others.

And this is the opportunity for all brands: to establish a loyal fan base which repeatedly buys the products/services but also helps you sell to new customers by spreading the word for you. Word of Mouth is still the most powerful selling tool you could possibly have at your disposal- leverage it with social media!

The last graphic below also stresses the point that the real opportunity in social media is offline. When asked “Has an online experience ever influenced whether or not you bought a product/ service from a brand?” 97.09% replied yes…

FRANk Media- Online experience influences purchase behaviour

Source: http://blog.getsatisfaction.com/



Your brand’s performance or lack of performance matters when it comes down to sales so it is recommended to invest into a sound social media strategy to increase sales and customer loyalty.

See it as an investment to future proof your brand because social media is not going away soon- so it is better to embrace it rather than shy away from it.





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