FRANk’s Weekly Media Updates- July 8, 2011

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Google+ …the new Facebook?

FRANk Media Newsletter_new Google+
There’s been a lot of buzz about Google’s latest launch of their own social platform, Google+, as an alternative to Facebook. Invites were previously limited, but now anyone with a Google account can get a Google+ account. You can read … However Google+ only offers personal user accounts at the moment, and business pages are only timed for later in the year. So hold off making pages for your business now, as Google will be shutting down any non-personal pages. The Google+ team is reportedly working on creating unique experiences for businesses, including deep analytics and the ability to connect to products like AdWords.

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Facebook ups its game with music service and Skype video calling

FRANK Media Newsletter_Mark Zuckerberg
On Wednesday, Facebook announced a partnership with Skype, reported to have been in the works for the past six months, prior to the launch of Google+. Now both platforms have video chat features – escalating the battle significantly.
Facebook is also said to be developing a music app called Facebook Vibes.

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Google drops Twitter from real-time search

FRANk Media Newsletter_Twitter dropped from search
Google’s deal to gather information from Twitter, made in 2009, has expired and will not be renewed, hence tweets are no longer included in Google’s search results.

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BBC campaigns to introduce social networking ban to stop Twitter leaks by stars

FRANk Media Newsletter_BBC
Senior BBC executives are trying to ban their actors, writers and other production talent from using social networking sites such as Twitter, to prevent work details from being leaked. Recently, disclosures on Twitter have disrupted BBC’s press and marketing campaigns.

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Foursquare updates with a notification feed

FRANK Media Newsletter_Foursquare
The new notification tray and news feed aims to keep Foursquare users on top of everything – for example, users will be notified when friends comment on check-ins or photos; if friends have used your Tips or if friends have similar places on your To-Do lists. The update is currently only available for Android, but iPhone and Blackberry users will soon be included.

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