Google+ features- how are they different to Facebook features?

We have had our account for a few days now and are kind of obsessed with the new Google+ features. They are somewhat similar to Facebook and the interface is kind of intuitive but yet, Google+ has thrown in a few feature which are unique and fun.

One of the best features so far is Circles- you can finally decide which group of people you want to send a photo, stream (status update) and who you want to hangout with. Circles is a feature which allows you to group your contacts in circles. There are a few standard circles such as Friends and Family but you can create your own circles and name them anything you want. It basically allows you to share content, e.g. photos with only a few friends rather than all of them. Facebook definitely lacked such a feature and heaps of people got in trouble for posting something wild from their weekends which was only meant for friends to see and not colleagues or family members. No need to decline Mum as your friend over concerns she will  see your wild side and no stress at all to add colleague and bosses to your social network. Circles lets you be in control over your content so you decide what Mum and your work sees.

Hangout is also a great feature which has been lacking in Facebook. It allows up to 10 people to video chat for free kind of like Skype but with more people I guess. While Skype lets you add people to your video calls, Skype always lacked the social element to its service. Find out more about hangouts in this video below:


But the best feature so far for me is that you can edit your streams (updates), see below:

FRANk Media: Google+ Stream Feature

You post something and then Google+ allows you to correct spelling mistakes or edit your update in any way you like. I think this is a great feature for everyone, but especially those who manage a professional persona such as brands.

I guess the only thing that really sucks right now on Google+  is that not  many people actually have had an invite to join the new social network… I think it will really take off when people have 100+ friends like they have on Facebook.

Let us know if you’d like an invite once Google allows its members to send out invites again!




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