10 Practical Social Search tips

Social search continues to be important for your brand’s social media presence and here are a few tips to make it work:

1. Define your keywords: When it comes to searching for your brand, which keywords would you like to be associated with? Innovation? Bathroom appliances? Design? Plumbing Melbourne? It could be anything as long as you define it first.

2. Twitter Bio: It is REALLY hard to write search relevant content while keeping it enagaging and interesting for the readers but it is worth to try. To make things even more interesting, Twitter makes you do it in 160 characters. But think of your Twitter profile as the meta description of your page and you will understand how important this is.

3. Tweets: Use your keywords early in your tweet to make it more likely to rank in searches.

4. Regularity: Tweet often and regular and also remember that the more followers you have, the better the search results.

5. Twitter directories: These directories are great to find more followers and to build links to your Twitter profile.

6. Facebook status updates: Similar to your Twitter bio, it is VERY hard to write engaging and user centric content with search in mind but it is worth you try anyway. Find a way to link your updates back to your brand’ keywords without being too pushy and use links. Use links often. Also, use anchor text.

7. Facebook photo captions: Your keyword and linking strategy should be extended to Facebook photos. Write relevant descriptions and captions and again it is hard to find a good compromise between writing for search and for the user but be creative. It is worth putting in a lot of effort here as this can significantly boost your search rankings.

8. Facebook About tab: While you cannot place a link or anchor text in the “About” section,┬áit is one of the most important places to list your website address.

9. YouTube keywords: Make sure you include your keywords in your video title, description and keyword section. Repeat the same words in all three for best search results. Next to the title, the description is the second most important thing when it comes to search rankings so put some extra effort into the description.

10. YouTube replies: All search engines like pages which have a lot of links built into them. One way to do this on YouTube is to leave a video reply to related videos.

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