NAB is breaking up with other banks – so what and who cares?

There’s a lot of chatter around NAB’s latest break up campaign. According to The Age: “…more than 189 blog mentions and 330 comments in other online forums in the following 24 hours. Online talk slowed at the weekend and picked up again on Monday. Twitter has hosted more than 1700 NAB-related tweets since the first break-up tweet.”

It’s great that the NAB is “getting social media” – but is any of it real?

If you need to spend so much time, money and resource in stunts only to say how good you are, are you really that good? What great benefit does a NAB customer gets from that break up letter? from a a helicopter flying around dragging a giant sign or from a pianist on a truck singing “If You Don’t Know Me by Now” Outside ANZ’s global headquarters in Melbourne?

The bottom line from The Age: “NATIONAL Australia Bank’s new ”break-up” marketing campaign is generating more good reactions than bad, but much online chatter is about the methods, not the message.”

In a social world that can show the real side of brands the NAB brand comes out as fake. As creative as it is, it’s still only a stunt that celebrates itself more than the message.

For more coverage on the campaign and some great comments, check out Laurel Papworth’s post.

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