How to measure social media

I read an interesting article this week from BRASS Tack Thinking called The Discipline of Social Media Media Measurement. Basically what they are saying is that traditional offline media such as radio and TV have all these metrics in place but really, you cannot measure much. The metrics are too weak and are based on too many assumptions.  What you can measure properly however is social media.

You just need to accept that the metrics are depending on your organisation and you need to put in some work to decide which metrics make sense and which don’t.

I was recently asked by client if I could recommend a social media sentiment tool called Sentiments Metrics (SM) to measure the success of their social media strategy. It was a question I could not really answer because:

1) Success is not defined by one tool

2) The tool is only as good as the person interpreting the data

Usually when I build a report for a client, I build it from scratch and don’t use an old report from another client. That is because some data makes sense for one client but not for another. I look at all of the data I have available for example from Google Analytics, Sysomos, Klout, Facebook Insights etc.

Only when I look at all of the data available, I can see the whole picture. If I only looked at one tool’s data, I would get skewed results as tools capture and analyse data in a different way.

So when it comes to measuring social media, I recommend using as many data sources as possible to get the whole picture and really think about what you are measuring. It really is a discipline…

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