Harvey Norman decides to ignore customers – A social media case study in the making – Round 1

It’s always interesting to see how well companies embrace the social media change. In this case it seems that embracing change isn’t one of Harvey Norman’s strong points. In todays front page of The Age he is quoted as saying “people are not quite getting it”. What Harvey doesnt get is that the same people who “dont get it” are the people who shop at Harvey Norman.

They are also the people that follow @HarveyNormanAU on twitter and like HN Facebook page. The negative sentiment towards the brand on both social platforms is pretty clear. There are some venting posts on the Facebook page wall and plenty of angry tweets, some starting to compare prices on specific items online Vs. Harvey Norman’s stores. The guys that manage the social media on both accounts have probably realised they’ve got a problem by now and are keeping the conversation to a minimum.

So there we have it, the second round of the match – in the right corner a resistent to change millionaire using a traditional PR agency and newspaper ads. On the left corner the consumers using Twitter and Facebook. It’s worth to mention a few weeks ago a twitter backlash has caused Harvey norman to stop a radio jingle. It will be interesting to see how this case study will turn out. Who will come on top? and how much will it cost the Harvey Norman brand?

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