Facebook and Gaming

Gaming on Facebook has never really captured my interest personally. I’m not much of a gamer although I played cards on the weekend, but with real cards and real people.

I researched however for a client the world of gaming on Facebook and came across some interesting statistics I’d like to share with you.

According to the Facebook blog which is always worth checking out, Gaming on Facebook is huge.

In other words, a Facebook game provides you access to over 265 million people.

Furthermore, 69% of Facebook gamers are actually women, making this medium perfect for targeting women.

But don’t run off now and hire the next game developer. Games may be popular on Facebook but they also need to fit in with your brand and your digital strategy.

If you look at the top 25 brand pages on Facebook, only a small number of those actually have a Facebook game.

My advice therefore, don’t rush into chasing the next big thing on Facebook and take a moment to consider whether a game provides value to your customers.

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