Social Media- fad or for real?

Just in case you are are still unsure if social media has an impact on business, here is some food for thought, courtesy of

To summarise the above: the world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. 54% of Global Fortune 100 Companies use Facebook, 65% Twitter, 50% YouTube and 33% have RSS feeds.


Still think this is nothing for you? B2C Marketing Insider discusses the value of a fan on Facebook and claims a fan could be worth US$ 136.38. The article also explains how the spending behavior of fans and non fans differs.

There is a clear connection between being a fan of a product and actually buying the product which makes sense. The difficult bit is to find out how to engage people in the first place and drive them to your Facebook page. What can you offer as a brand to a consumer or future consumer that is interesting and engaging? This is where you decide if social media is a fad or for real- it is actually in your hands.

What many people don’t realise is that social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, is just a tool. They are the key tools at the moment but who knows if they are around for another decade? That is the bit where people argue that social media is just a fad. And I agree, the tools may not be around for long but social media is bigger than the tools.

Social media is about being social and doing things together. It is about having conversations and exchanging ideas as well as having fun.

Tamir wrote about the type of conversations on Facebook a while ago and the point he is making is absolutely right. Social media is all about trying not to be a jerk and talk about you all the time. That gets boring really quick and nobody wants a narcissist in his circle of friends. But that piece of info has actually nothing to do with Facebook- it is a simple rule of human interaction which can be applied to Facebook, but also applies to work, friends and family. So, if you can master the art of human interaction,  you are almost guaranteed that social media is for real.

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