Grow your online assets by aligning bought, owned and earned media.

If you want people to talk about you, do something remarkable. How about installing a giant digital sun in the middle of Fed Square in winter? That should do the trick! 

Fed square always does cool stuff as part of the annual Light in Winter programme so we were thrilled to get the chance to help fan the flames on this one. We were asked to provide a social media strategy that would harness the anticipated chatter and build their existing online profile. They had already build up a solid following on twitter and Facebook so we had a great base to work from.

The artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer saw his installation as a platform for expression, and felt the public would make their own symbolic projection and interpretation. Our strategy was to facilitate this, giving people an outlet for the emotion that would be conjured up when they laid eyes on this truly awesome sight.

We used bought media to drive online engagement on Twitter and Facebook, asking people to share with others how they have been ‘enlightened’ by the installation. We incentivised them by offering a chance to win a weekly travel voucher from STA for their own journey of enlightenment.

Our ads appeared in the Sunday Age, mX, and on Facebook, driving hundreds of high quality inspirational  entries that were collected and published on twitter #fed_square and via a facebook app developed by FRANk and housed on the Fed Square fan page. Fed Square’s owned media assets were also used to stimulate interest with messages appearing on the web site, newsletter and throughout the square itself.

To penetrate further into the online social world we launched a foursquare page with special offers for foursquare users driving patronage to the all-important tenants, we created a Twibbon and donated $1 for every avatar change, and encouraged people to have their ‘tweet-ups’ as fed square by offering special deals.

Across the campaign period and beyond we also ran a targeted blogger engagement campaign via Nuffnang, highlighting events such as ABBA World, Tim Burton and Rupert Bunny exhibition as well as featuring restaurants and cafes generating over 80,000 blog reads.

The campaign drove a 51% jump in Facebook fans, a 32% increase in Twitter followers, and web site traffic is up 16%. Great results from an integrated approach to social media strategy.

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