Social Media Sentiment for tomorrow’s Federal Election

On the eve of a particularly tight federal election i thought i’d give our new media analysis platform (MAP) from Sysomos a run.

Marketing magazine published a Gillard vs Abbott on social media yesterday from Nielsen which says “With many saying the race is neck-and-neck between Gillard and Abbott, the difference could be the influence social media has on voters who are yet to make up their minds,” said Mark Higginson, insights director of Nielsen’s Australian online division.

They talk about “Gillard” having 5X more YouTube views and 6X more Facebook fans than “Abbott.” I thought we’d look at sentiment, over the last 30 days, rather than volume in the land of Forums, Blogs  & web-based news sites (below).

What’s interesting? Well “Tony” has the most negative sentiment in all three arenas and “Bob” attracts the most positive sentiment in forums and blogs…”Julia” wins positive sentiment in news. The latter may well be a reflection of media ownership in Australia and that News Ltd is behind “Julia.”

MAP allows us to be a good deal more granular inc. demographics, geo, recency, most authoritative…and more but i’m keeping this top line.

One other note of interest, below, is the share of voice of Tony/Julia & Bob on twitter over the last 30 days. I wish all candidates the very best but i am inclined to agree with Mark Higginson that endeavour in the social space might be the tipping point.


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