Are you ready to go social? First, three important considerations

Here are three questions to consider before incorporating social media into your business:


1. What are you going to talk about?

Do you have a plan? If you are like most companies, you won’t be announcing a new product or discount each week – what’s going to keep people interested in what you have to say on social media, in the long term?

Does your organisation do anything else other than selling? Are you involved in the community? Are your developers building an amazing collaborative app with their R&D time? – talking about your latest TV ad is not going to win you Facebook fans.

2. Who’s going to manage your social media?

Do you have someone who can commit to this AND knows what they’re doing? Will this person have the support and trust of the business?

Or will you make it a company-wide effort? In that case, how will you agree and delegate?

Is social media considered a fad or something the business sees as a long term investment? Don’t let just anyone to manage your pages and profiles in their spare time – social profiles that are neglected, poorly managed or unprofessional can hurt your business reputation.

3. What resource do you have to make this a success?

Do you have a set and approved budget? Is this enough for content, web development, community events etc.? – Social is not just online, you’ll need to invest in your fans to grow your community offline -and amplify it online


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