Roast your coffee NOT the Planet

KeepCUP, originally uploaded by FRANkVizeum.

We all have degrees of environmental engagement exemplified by Tamir’s excellent slideshare .
An easy environmental new year’s endeavour is to buy your own KeepCUP .
For years there has been the guilt of tossing out the used ‘disposable’ coffee cup each day. No longer. We bought five medium cups @ $12.20 each.
Chucking some numbers around….we now pay 50c less per coffee per day so in 25 days the KeepCUPs will have paid for themselves. Great.
From an environmental point of view the collective impact of the five of us (assuming 1 x coffee per day) over a year will be to save

* 1600 paper cups
* 4kgs plastic lids
* 23kgs landfill
* 76 KeepCUPs-worth of plastic
* 0.2 of a tree…

Not bad for just five people. So let’s kick off 2010 in a sympathetic way. I feel 2010 is going to be good to us all so let’s be good to 2010.

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