Social media is a process, not an event

circus This is something Seth Godin wrote last week: The reason social media is so difficult for most organizations: It’s a process, not an event. Dating is a process. So is losing weight, being a public company and building a brand. On the other hand, putting up a trade show booth is an event. So are going public and having surgery. Events are easier to manage, pay for and get excited about. Processes build results for the long haul.”
So many Australian brands are treating social media as an event and looking for campaigns with quick fixes – Once the campaign is over so does the conversation. Treating social media like advertising could cost you like Toyota’s spokesman Mike Breen found out this week when a UGC ad for the Yaris got some heat. Mike, how about treating social media as a customer service medium instead of an advertising medium?
Social media is also called Earned media because you have to earn it. You can’t buy it. This is also why we treat most our social media as processes not events. We call this: Social Business Strategy and if you want an example try Melbourne’s GPO case study here.
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